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CWLANZ At Home Appeal in 2020 raised funds for the Tourette’s Association to help run the annual Camp Twitch. “Going to camp is fun, you make lots of new friends and it makes me feel like I’m not the only one with Tourette’s” says James Seath, 12 years old.

The Tourette’s Association supports children and youth living with Tourette Syndrome and every year runs a camp called Camp Twitch.

Most young people with Tourette’s Syndrome feel very isolated. Attendance at this week-long camp is often the first time they have met someone else with the same condition, feel normal and feel they belong.

Camp Twitch has proven to be incredibly successful. Amazing camp leaders, who volunteer their time, come up with awesome games and activities that engage the young people no matter their ability or struggles.  

As much as the camp is for the kids, it also gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet others on a similar journey.  They can discuss and support each other through the hard times with ideas and techniques that they have tried with their own children. 

The Tourette’s Journey is very hard on young people but for a parent, it is extremely hard watching your kids go through something that you just can’t simply take away from them.

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