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CWLANZ's Annual Appeal for Diabetes NZ Youth Camps

Every year, the Catholic Women's League of Aotearoa, New Zealand (CWL) joyously immerses itself in a tradition of meaningful support for non-government funded charitable organisations across the country. This tradition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to embody compassion and foster positive change through community engagement.

In the spirit of our collective dedication to making a difference, CWL recently directed its fundraising endeavors towards supporting Diabetes NZ, an organisation at the forefront of diabetes advocacy and support in New Zealand.

Our branches actively participated in this cause by hosting speakers from Diabetes NZ at their meetings. This deliberate effort aimed to deepen our awareness, understanding, and connection with the challenges faced by those affected by diabetes. By bringing the voices of the organisation directly to our members, CWL continued to create an informed and empathetic community.

For our recent fundraising cycle, CWL rallied support for Diabetes NZ, with a specific focus on their Youth and Whanau Camps. Recognising the unique challenges faced by young individuals and their families in navigating life with diabetes, our appeal sought active involvement and a desire to learn more about how, together, we can make a meaningful impact.

In the true spirit of sisterhood and solidarity, CWL extends heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Whether you are already an integral part of the Catholic Women's League or someone who contributed, your involvement was invaluable. We appreciate your commitment to the cause and encourage you to stay connected for future initiatives.

Youth and Whanau Camps Reflection: The focal point of our recent appeal was Diabetes NZ's Youth and Whanau Camps. Understanding that children and their families need a supportive environment as they navigate the challenges of diabetes, we recognise that your past contributions and support have made a meaningful impact. It's more than just a financial contribution; it's a reflection of our collective commitment to being part of a compassionate community that understands, supports, and learns together.

As CWL reflects on another year of compassionate giving, we extend gratitude for your support in the journey of supporting Diabetes NZ and their Youth and Whanau Camps. The Catholic Women's League looks forward to continuing our mission of nurturing hope and embodying the spirit of compassionate service in future endeavors.

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