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Your Voice Counts: Submissions are now open for ‘End of Life Choice Bill’

The Justice Select Committee is now asking for public submissions on David Seymour’s ‘End of Life Choice Bill’. The bill seeks to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide (called ‘assisted dying’ in the bill) for people with a terminal illness or a “grievous and irremediable” medical condition.

Many of you will have made a submission to the Health Select Committee inquiry about ‘Ending Life in New Zealand’. Because of the overwhelming number of submissions against euthanasia, parliament took notice and your voice made a difference. However, the Justice Select Committee inquiry is different because it is specifically about the bill. A submission is your chance to have your say on the bill.

The Bishops have asked parishes to make a special effort, across the country during the weekend of 27/28 January. There will be a letter form the bishops read from the pulpit at all Masses and parishioners are being asked to write a submission, either a written one on the spot, later using the parliamentary website or through an email. CWLANZ is asking its members to support this initiative in any way that they can.

Fact Sheets and guidelines will be provided. It is important to follow these guidelines. Note that written, posted submissions require two copies and a stamp. If a bundle of submissions is collected, photocopied and then sent by courier post to the Nathaniel Centre they will hand deliver to parliament.  They are situated literally over the road.

If members make their submission in their own time, this would free you up to help others after Mass. Use the resources attached. Perhaps you could do this at a special branch meeting. Show the video and then write the submissions. Members with smart phones could use those.

What are we being asked to do?

  • Write a submission ourselves
  • Encourage others to write a submission
  • Support other parishioners to write their submissions
  • Spread the word to the wider community – Many people are unaware of how easy it is to make a submission

In Faith and Service

Susan Dickson

Below are two links to further information:

Information Sheet for Submissions – Parishes 2017 21 Dec FINAL

Quick Facts EAS FINAL 6 Dec

Susan Dickson

I am a member of the Methven Our Lady of the Snows CWLANZ Branch. I am passionate about social justice issues. I believe our organisation has a very important leadership role within the Church in New Zealand. We can be a positive force for change and evangelisation.

I am very active within our local community including leading the Methven Red Cross Branch and helping to run our Opshop.

I am married with four adult children and four grandchildren. I gave up my permanent position as the Careers Advisor/teacher at Mount Hutt College July 2016 to go travelling, another passion. I continue to do day relief teaching to help pay for these trips.







Susan Dickson, the National Social Issues officer addressed each of the Diocesan Conferences underlining the importance of making our voice be heard in the places which will make a difference to the many people affected by adverse conditions beyond their ability to help themselves.  She emphasized the impact using fully informed arguments to change the way our government at all levels acts.

Catholic Social Teaching states that people have the right, and indeed duty, to participate in society.  The Catholic Women’s League researches nation-wide social issues, especially those affecting families, women and children, draws members’ attention to these issues and canvasses their thoughts and ideas.

Either on its own, or as an active member of the New Zealand National Council of Women (NCW), CWLNZ ensures that the voice of Catholic women is heard at the relevant level of government.   The League gives women the opportunity to keep abreast of what is happening in our free, democratic country, where it is our right and our privilege to comment on any issue.