Jubilee fund

In 1974, at the time of the Silver Jubilee of the CWL a Trust Fund was set up to which all branches contributed. The interest from that fund was distributed each year.

When the 50th Anniversary was celebrated in 1999 further donations were requested and received from each branch and the fund’s name changed to the “Golden Jubilee Fund”. The interest from that fund is distributed each year at the February Board meeting. All branches have the opportunity to suggest a recipient. This fund is allocated to a local charity.  In acknowledgement of the passing of time the Golden has been dropped and it is now known as the Jubilee Fund.

Recent recipients include:

  • $342 Just Us Youth, Christchurch
  • $845 He Hauarahi Tamariki School for Parents, Wellington
  • $830 Debra New Zealand
  • $720 Family Life International Pregnancy Centre, Auckland
  • $771 Motor Neurone, Wellington
  • $550 Kara Hands, Wellington
  • Family Life Crisis