Morrinsville Branch

Approximately ten members & parishioners gather together every second Tuesday and knit for children. All the wool they knit with is machine washable making it easy to keep clean. They knit beanies in the colours of St Joseph’s School and slippers for them to wear in class. All the hats and slippers are the children’s’ to keep all through their schooling. When the new entrant’s knitting is completed, the members & parishioners knit for the children who are new to the school.

The group also knit booties, hats, matinee sets and mittens for the Neonatal Unit and the New-Born Unit at Waikato Hospital, especially for the premature. There are a large number of babies who are born unexpectedly and have nothing to wear when going home. The knitting provides babies with warmth and care.

Each year the Branch gains funds through a grant from Trust Waikato. With some of this being used for the wool. The knitters are given yarn and patterns. The president, Mrs Patricia Pellow, says, “When we meet it’s great to see the combined knowledge of the group learning from each other. It’s a great place for sharing our understandings together. It’s mind blowing taking in the garments to the school or the hospital. People are genuinely thankful for the knitting that we give. It brings tears to our eyes.”

The Branch has also donated a recliner Lazy Boy Chair to the Rhoda Read Hospital. Stephanie Smythe (Charge Nurse) Renee Cooper (CWL President) and Ria van de Laar (member)

Other donations have been to Victim Support, equipment to a swim teacher. The main source of income is from CWL share from the Community Opportunity Shop.