Christchurch Diocese

The Catholic Women’s League in Christchurch Diocese began in 1936 and continues to be an important and vibrant part of parish life in 11 Christchurch City branches and 8 other branches spread through Mid and South Canterbury and the West Coast.

September 2010 was the beginning of a dramatic and traumatic time for the Diocese, from the time of the first earthquake to the Pike River tragedy and the February 22nd 2011 quake.  In Christchurch the disruption and devestation caused by these events has affected every member to some degree.

Despite disruption to parishes and homes members continue with League activities: raising funds for mission communities, assisting in parish activites, aiding local children and families where need is perceived.

The Diocesan Council meets monthly, alternating between meetings between Christchurch and Ashburton to share travelling, enabling the League to function in an ever-changing world.  The publishing of a monthly newsletter ensures members know what is happening and what is planned for the future.