Celebration and joy in Palmerston North

Back: New Diocesan President, Pat O’Connor; Past Diocesan President, Rae O’Grady.
Middle: Kath de Latour, Liz Koorey, Janice Goldsworthy, Jan Jobbins.
Front: Emily Rose, Fay Murcott, Liz Barnham

The Palmerston North branch is attempting to be seen as vibrant, relevant, accepting, warm and open to new ideas, and it seems to be paying off.

It recently had four new members including two Filipino women.

Asking the second Filipino woman what attracted her to the group, she replied, “For the pleasure of being with like-minded women.”

The mission and purpose of our Founder Margaret Fletcher – the education of women enabling them to be an informed voice for good in the world – is no less relevant today as it was all those years ago.

While it is our Faith which binds us together and our service to others ensuring our relevance in today’s world, in our fractured world it is with mercy and courage that we need to use our voice and our skills for the poor the powerless and disadvantaged.

We are women welcoming change and enjoying companionship friendship fun and personal and spiritual growth.