Korean Cooking at the Orakei Eastern Suburbs, Auckland

Cecilia Lee did us proud when she demonstrated the Korean cooking techniques at a monthly meeting.  The food she cooked was superb and in great abundance.  She was able to feed twenty members and friends for lunch without batting an eye.  Thank you so much, Cecilia.  We were all keen to try to duplicate the different dishes you cooked for us.

Cecilia Lee, chef and committee member with members and friends enjoying the lunch.

Auckland Conference held on 1 April

The Conference was held in the new St John Vianney Parish Hall at Hillsborough. The opening Mass was celebrated by the Bishop of Auckland, Most Reverend Patrick Dunn DD and Rev Father Francis Poon, parish priest.

The first of our three speakers was Superintendent Tush Penny, who spoke of her history with the Police, her family, and the many problems faced by police  in today’s world. Her stories, especially with children and problem members of society were graphic but not hopeless.

Our own Social Concern’s Officer, Susan Dickson, spoke very eloquently on social issues throughout the country and the charism of Margaret Fletcher, our Founder.

Our National President, Kathleen Blackburn,  presented her report, which was very well received. She also mentioned the proposal to increase the capitation levy – this will be discussed at Branch level.

It was pleasing to hear these three women, so well versed in their subjects, and so eloquent in their delivery. Thank you.

Colleen Petricevich, from Takapuna, was elected as President for the next four years. Her secretary is Colleen McMurchy, and Pat McQuillan has volunteered for another four years as Treasurer.

PILLARS is to be the recipient of the At Home Appeal this year. This is a charitable organisation for children of prisoners, to support positive, crime-free lives and an attempt to break intergenerational offending. This is well worth our support.

Bishop Dunn opened the Conference with the following joke:

Two men were strolling along talking. One had two seeing eye dogs. His companion questioned the need for two dogs. The  blind man replied ” One is short sighted for everyday use and one is long-sighted to help me with my driving”.

This set the tone for an enjoyable day.

New Auckland CWL president

Coleen Petricevich

Colleen Petricevich

Colleen Petricevich (nee McEntee) is the new president of the Auckland CWL diocesan council.

A member of CWL for over 30 years, she has served her local Takapuna Branch as committee member and has been President for six years.

On the Auckland Diocesan Council, she has served as Editor of the local newsletter, as Mission Secretary for four years, and as Region North representative for three years.

Colleen is married, 53 years on 30th March, and has seven children of whom she is very proud.

She spent her working life doing “the books” for various organisations, including Hato Petera College and St Joseph’s parish, Takapuna and is still employed part-time at Ponsonby Parish.

Colleen is also a member of St Vincent de Paul Society in Takapuna Parish and treasurer of Auckland Pregnancy Help and of the Auckland Hibernian Society.

She is a past-president of National Pregnancy Help.

Colleen is a genealogist and is organised a family reunion for her McEntee family on 26th March. This is the third such gathering she has organised over the years.

Colleen’s hobbies include sailing, book club, Guides.