2021 Mission at Home Appeal New Zealand Down Syndrome Association

The money raised by CWLANZ will go towards funding the annual youth camp.

Young people from all corners of New Zealand enjoy a weekend of adventure, camaraderie, arts, dancing and of course plenty of finger-licking food at the NZDSA Youth Development Camp. The young adults ranging from 18 to 32 years old are invited by the NZDSA to attend the annual at the Vaughan Park in Long Bay, north of Auckland.

Who are NZDSA and what do they do?

The NZ Down Syndrome Association is a family/whānau driven organization whose vision is to help people with Down syndrome to be valued and equal members of their community, fulfilling their goals.

The New Zealand Down Syndrom Association works alongside families, whānau and carers to support and empower people with Down syndrome to realise their potential and aspirations through all life stages and within all communities.