2018 National at Home Appeal: Motor Neurone Disease Association

Margaret Brownsey, Hamilton Diocese, Val Langley, Christchurch Diocese admire the cuddly dog with Beth Watson, President of the Motor neurone Disease Association.

Every year Catholic Women’s League choose a National Charitable organisation to learn about and to support.

Education plays a big part at Branch and Diocesan levels as learning about issues that affect many people in New Zealand are not always well known.

The more that is learned, the better each of us can support and help those in our communities who live with someone afflicted with MND.

The second part of our service is to raise funds for the organisation to be used in whatever way the organisation deems to be best at the time.

Beth Watson, the Motor Neurone Disease Association National President, spoke to the National Conference members about the difficulties in Diagnosing MND, the lack of scientific studies of the causes and treatment, and the increasing need for support services as the condition progresses.

She also highlighted the impact this condition has on family members and friends as their lives are increasingly changed.

One of the fund raising ventures of MND is the sale of beautiful cuddly toy dogs and a number were bought by members.

For further information about MND visit https://www.mndassociation.org