National board plans, reports and prays

Back Row Jenny Muschamp, Christchurch Diocese. National Mission Secretary. Dawn
Mullins, Auckland Diocese. National Social Issues Secretary. Tui Pasco, Dunedin Diocesan
President. Christine Paterson, Wellington Arch Diocesan President. Colleen Petricevich,
Auckland Diocesan President.
Middle Row Kathy Bell, Hamilton Diocese. National Board Treasurer. Margaret Brownsey,
Hamilton Diocesan President. Pat O’Connell, Palmerston North Diocesan President. Colleen
McMurchy, Auckland Diocese. WUCWO International Secretary. Sr Patricia Stevenson,
Christchurch Diocese. National Board Chaplin.
Front Row Zella McGirr, Christchurch Diocese. National Board Secretary. Val Langley,
Christchurch Diocesan President. Susan Dickson, Christchurch. National President

Twice a year all members of the National Board meet for up to three days of planning, prayer, reporting and discussion.

The first National Board meeting was held in Christchurch at the end of January.

The theme for the meeting was taken from WUCWO 2018 Resolution 4, A Call to Holiness.

Tricia Stevenson, Board Chaplain, led us in a study of the story of Jesus healing the mother-in-law of Peter.

We returned each day during the three days of our meeting to unpick further the story.

Jesus goes to the house after preaching in the temple. He finds the woman sick with a fever and is asked to heal her.

Jesus orders the fever to leave and then Peter’s mother-in-law gets up and serves them.

On the surface this appears to be a story about God healing a sick person and women’s work. However, the Greek word for serve is the same or closely related to the word for to be raised up.

This is a resurrection story about being part of the body of Christ, being raised as Christ was raised and to live as Christ lived.

A Call to Holiness.