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A heroic life of service and compassion

The Christchurch Branch of NCW held the Annual Hilda Lowell Function in October to mark the anniversary of the founding of National Council of Women. To coincide with 125 Years of Women's Suffrage, the theme was Women who had Made a Difference in New Zealand Society over the past 125 years. The … [Read More...]

Plunket babies gain water confidence

Plunkett babies to gain water confidence courtesy of The Te Awamutu Branch of Catholic Women’s League who obtained funds from the Hugo Trust to assist With New Zealanders being so close to water and enjoying all the water related activities available it is so very important for babies and … [Read More...]

End of Life Choice Bill

The current issue the Care Alliance is engaging with is David Seymour’s End of Life Bill, which seeks to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide in New Zealand. Find out more about what’s been happening and how the Care Alliance is involved below. #committedtocare Like an umbrella, good care … [Read More...]

What do we do with all that Plastic?

Here is one answer to the problem of what to do with all that plastic that accumulates in our resource parks about the country. In the past year Branches were exploring ways in which we, as individuals and communities, could influence what was happening to our environment by changing the way we … [Read More...]

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